Cosmetic and Functional Dentistry - Chez Soie Dentisterie / Formerly Marcotte médecine dentaire

Cosmetic and Functional Dentistry

Service 03 - Dentisterie esthétique et fonctionnelle

Cosmetic and Functional Dentistry

What’s more important than a beautiful smile? It’s well known that a bright, radiant smile helps you gain self-confidence.

Aesthetic restorations treat damaged teeth and gums and replace missing teeth to improve the appearance of your smile.

Traitement 3.1 - Blanchiment

Teeth Whitening

Do you find that your smile is not as bright as before? Professional tooth whitening may very well be the solution for you.

Traitement 3.2 - Couronnes


A crown can be used to restore the shape, appearance and function of damaged teeth.

Traitement 3.3 - Facettes


Aesthetic dental treatments like veneers are used to beautify the appearance of healthy or damaged teeth.

Traitement 3.4 - Fermeture de diastème

Diastema Closure Treatment

A diastema is a space between two adjacent teeth. This space bothers you? Several options are available to you to remedy this.

Traitement 3.5 - Ponts


It is possible to lose a tooth or have it seriously damaged. The bridge allows us to easily replace a lost or missing tooth.

Traitement 3.6 - Réhabilitation complète sur dents naturelles ou implants

Complete Rehabilitation on Natural Teeth or Implants

When all your teeth are too worn, sometimes the only possible solution is to restore your masticatory function through complete mouth rehabilitation.