Orthodontics - Chez Soie Dentisterie / Formerly Marcotte médecine dentaire


Service 04 - Orthodontie


Orthodontic treatment consists of applying gentle and constant forces to the teeth in order to induce movement and thus align the teeth with the patient’s jaws. It is possible to use orthodontics to improve masticatory function (occlusion) as well as for aesthetic concerns.

Traitement 4.1 - Appareils amovibles

Removable Orthodontic Appliances

In certain cases of orthodontic interception, we use removable orthodontic appliances. Patients can therefore easily remove and replace the device in their mouth.

Traitement 4.2 - Coquilles d’alignement

Aligner Trays

Evolutionary shells are a modern and almost invisible method for correcting mild and moderate orthodontic problems.

Traitement 4.3 - Appareils orthodontiques fixes (broches)

Fixed Orthodontic Appliances (Braces)

Fixed appliances like braces are the most commonly used orthodontic treatment by dentists and orthodontists.