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Aligner Trays

Aligner Trays

18 - Coquilles d’alignementAligner Trays

Evolutionary shells are a modern and almost invisible method for correcting mild and moderate orthodontic problems.

Coquilles d’alignementIf you are interested in orthodontic correction of your teeth, but are inconvenienced by having to wear braces or metal brackets, progressive retainers may be the ideal solution for you. Constantly evolving and improving, tooth alignment treatments with evolving shells have gained popularity and effectiveness in recent years.

Scalable shells, a modern and almost invisible method, allow the correction of several types of orthodontic problems. Treatments using progressive shells allow teeth to be aligned while being more discreet than conventional brackets, more comfortable and above all, they are removable. This type of treatment is aimed primarily at adults, but can also be considered for certain adolescent patients.

Treatment using evolving shells uses computer software that virtually positions the teeth to achieve the desired final result, according to the instructions of the professional specializing in orthodontic treatments. Following this scan, we will then be able to present to you, thanks to a virtual simulation, the expected result at the end of treatment. It gives the patient the chance to see his teeth virtually aligned. When satisfied with the proposed result, your dentist can then begin the process of manufacturing the series of your trays. The adventure begins at the next meeting! Check-up visits are generally at the same frequency as they would be if you had opted for a treatment with conventional braces, that is to say every 6, 8, or even every 10 weeks. Evolving shells generally need to be replaced weekly or as prescribed by your dentist. Each shell is designed and manufactured to apply very specific forces that allow the teeth to move according to a process carefully designed and defined by the professional.

In general, orthodontic treatment using evolving shells is faster than treatments with brackets (conventional braces). As it is the patient who is largely responsible for the progress of his treatment, he will need to be disciplined and wear the shells continuously so that his treatment does not extend over a longer period than that initially planned or that it is simply compromised. The shells must be worn at least 22 hours a day, every day. Failure to follow this instruction greatly compromises the success of orthodontic treatment.

Finally, oral hygiene care remains easy to carry out, since you must remove the evolving shells when brushing your teeth and flossing. However, you must be diligent in oral hygiene care and it is imperative to remove the shells after each meal and snack in order to clean them and brush your teeth to avoid the development of cavities or periodontal disease.

It is normal that handling the shells seems difficult at the start of treatment. The members of our team make sure to guide you well and equip you adequately during the process, both in terms of handling and hygiene advice to follow while wearing the aligner trays.