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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

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Do you find that your smile is not as bright as before? Professional tooth whitening may very well be the solution for you.

Why use teeth whitening?

Different drinking habits, including coffee, red wine, tea or even normal aging of teeth, can lead to long-term discoloration of the enamel.

For some people, the natural color of their teeth may appear rather yellowish. In other cases, certain external causes can cause tooth enamel to turn blue, brown, or even black. A genetic anomaly, prolonged jaundice in a young child or even external trauma can contribute to their darkening.

Did you know ?

The treatments offered by cosmetic companies are not required by law to guarantee you a result! Before purchasing an over-the-counter product, it is strongly recommended that you seek professional advice. Whitening by a dental health professional is considered safe and provides superior results with the supervision and advice of your dentist.

Contrary to popular belief, tooth whitening does not cause damage to enamel or cause it to thin.

What is the procedure ?

Whitening is done using a personalized mold (gutter) made from the impressions of your mouth. This custom-made tray allows effective contact between the surface of your teeth and the whitening gel, thus ensuring better management of the product in the mouth.

It is also possible to use the chair whitening technique. Done in a dental office and generally lasting approximately one hour, the chair technique gives instant results. Ask your dentist or dental hygienist for advice, they will be able to advise you on the optimal choice of the appropriate technique according to your needs and expectations.

Whitening will definitely add shine to your smile!

What to expect?

The most common side effect of tooth whitening is dentin sensitivity. During a whitening session, whether at the dentist’s chair or at home, it is possible to feel an increase in the sensitivity of the teeth, among other things, to variations between hot and/or cold. Don’t worry, this sensitivity is transient, and the initial feeling of the teeth will return a few days after treatment ends.

It is also possible to feel a slight burning or tingling in the gums. This situation occurs when the whitening gel comes into contact with the gum line during its application. Although this burn can be uncomfortable and unpleasant, the situation will improve on its own and the gums will heal. It is therefore imperative to follow the professional’s advice regarding the quantity to use for each application.