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Digital Radiography

Digital Radiography

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Dental X-rays are the only diagnostic tool that can detect problems invisible to the naked eye and also allow you to see inside the tissues.

Digital photos are secure and very precise. They also make it possible to determine optimal and appropriate treatment plans. Thanks to digital imaging, oral health can be assessed from all angles. Early treatments can therefore be considered to avoid further deterioration of oral health.

Exposure to radiation is an ever-present topic. One of the main advantages of this type of X-ray is that it requires only a third of the radiation used with traditional images.

The many advantages of digital radiography:

  • Significantly lower level of irradiation than a standard X-ray
  • Get results faster
  • Very precise diagnosis thanks to the clarity of the digitized images
  • More ecological technology (no toxic solution required for the development of plates and reduction of toxic waste)
  • Allows digital X-rays to be sent to insurance companies and other healthcare professionals